Meow! I look better as a mobster than you silly humans. This page is a minor revision of my 2016 platform. Let's keep taxes low, and freedom high!


At Rocky's campaign headquarters, our main goal is to ease the burden on lower- and middle-class working families--in concurrence with the ideas of reducing government spending along with decreasing the scope of government power.


There is increasing wealth inequality in this country, and we need to create jobs in the private sector. We are encouraged by the pizza company Domino's foray into road repair, for example.


It's time that the rich and everyone else is allowed to sit down at the table and negotiate--and President Rocky shall be the arbitrator. Many United States citizens have trouble feeling sorry for the corporate types, as CEO and executive salaries have skyrocketed and the salaries of the average worker have stagnated relative to productivity and cost of living. This phenomenon is an obvious sign that the perceived value of a worker has lessened over the years.


In plain English, the Federal corporate tax rate is 21% as of January 1, 2018. I do not plan to raise this for most corporations.

Rocky believes that we can get people on board with a lower corporate tax rate, but the rich corporate representatives would have to make the following concessions:


1. Corporations, Foundations, PACs, etc. will no longer have the power to lobby for candidates as they do today in the post-Citizens United era. A maximum political donation will be determined. So yes, that means Sheldon Adelson needs to stick to making money off his casinos instead of buying the Republican Party. He would be able to donate the approved maximum amount just like everyone else.


2. Companies may build and establish themselves outside the United States, of course, but laying off US workers to accomplish this will result in severe penalties. That is what enrages us the most at Rocky's HQ. We are tired of seeing entire communities disrupted because of outsourcing.


3. If workers at your company need food stamps to make ends meet, we have a problem. Greed and money hoarding are real issues no matter how I feel about taxes.


4. Companies that profit from human vices (such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, recreational catnip, and soft drinks) will pay a higher corporate tax rate.


5. We also must address the problem with companies who play a role in drastically increasing the cost of living--for the sake of profiteering off the resulting human suffering.


A major factor in the increased cost of living is rising rent costs. It is depressing to us that rent prices are outpacing wage growth, the homeownership rate has fallen to a 48-year low, and more people are renting than ever. An increasing number of Americans are paying over 30% of their gross income to pay rent, which by Federal standards is unaffordable.


Corporations deemed as "slum lords" or "price gougers" will pay damages equal to 1.5x the amount of accumulated fixes and/or overcharges to all tenants until they lower rent to an acceptable level.


One example of a truly heartless company is Sierra Corporate Management. It has made a racket out of buying senior mobile home parks and turning them into family parks. They will raise the rent dramatically in the first year, and continue to do so until people are paying an exorbitant sum of rent money for what amounts to be a slab of concrete with plumbing. Here's an example of how their scheme works, and they are doing this in multiple states. These extreme space rent costs are destroying the resale value of these mobile homes for their owners--and are essentially altering the real estate market in favor of profiteers. The cost of displacing senior citizens ultimately falls on families and the taxpayer base as a whole--whereas before, the mobile home-owning senior citizen could live independently on a fixed income. Last but not least, here are some personal testimonies of how these inhumane scam-artists have affected good people.

As always, we seek to identify laws that enable these types of abuses and repeal them.


So, you want low taxes, my corporate friends? Rocky believes you'll find these concessions to be reasonable.