Who is Rocky's owner?

Hello again, everyone! I'm glad I waited until now to write this. Of course, the political landscape in the United States is the same Elephant vs. Donkey show, where both animals crap over themselves and each other. You know, like it's always been. Since 2016, though, it's gotten weirder and even more manipulative. Anyways, those are conversations I'll expand on in future entries. Let's begin with me.

Online, I am Rocky Coast; in reality, I'm a son, a true friend, a boyfriend, a cat aficionado, a Bachelor's degree owner, a psychology nut, a theorist, a poet, a nature lover, a Christian, and a wretch. My family is an absolute blessing. Other than that, though, I'm a legally blind, mostly broke nobody in his early 40's who is slowly losing his sight. It's getting harder and harder to see what's on my monitor, even though it's set up the way I need it. I'll be going in for a procedure soon to halt the quickening decay of my eyesight within a month or two. Untreated, I might have as little as 2 years of any vision left. Cannabis plus all these other prescription eye drops and pills could only keep it at bay for so long without surgery. My eye is extremely fragile, and there's finally a new procedure that minimizes the risk for me.

Being visually impaired my entire life has given me a different set of circumstances and obstacles than most. My left eye's vision gave out by age eight. My right eye did the same three years later. Both eyes suffered detached retinas; fortunately, the great surgeon I had restored some of the vision in my right eye with an experimental procedure. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the 30+ years of borrowed time I've had so far. Living as normal of a life as I have is an accomplishment in itself. Not all who are in my shoes are so lucky.

It humbles me in various ways, but at the same time it makes me defiant. Like everyone else, I've had to fight. My fight exists on a different battleground than yours, more than likely. My condition has always put me in those "in between" situations. People often misunderstand the difference between "blind" and "legally blind." I'm either given too much pity or told to suck it up and be normal. Yeah, not going to happen. There are some rather annoying side effects from my condition besides lost sight, such as extreme light sensitivity, headaches, and constant pulsating visual distortions covering about half my remaining eye's field of vision. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone, and it makes me sad that people go through even worse.

While I do use empathy in my political beliefs, I'm used to not being given any in return. Oh well, I'm not doing this for a popularity contest. The truth will rarely have a pretty red or blue bow on top. My choice to share my eyesight woes with you all is mine alone, and I don't want your pity. I just want to listen and be heard because I truly believe in my message.

So, in that spirit, I look forward to typing out my next blog entry, which will focus on my core political beliefs. Thank you very much for reading!

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