Rocky's Politics 201: Lesson 1: Conservatives, Liberals, and Moderates: Part 1

Meowrr! Good afternoon, humans! Now that we've reached the year of the Presidential election, it's time to begin our Politics 201 class! If you'd like to see the four lessons of my Politics 101 class, feel free to click on the links below:

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Lesson 4: When Donkeys and Elephants Win, America Loses

Politics 201 is a bit more intensive, so we'll divide it up into nice little bite-sized pieces.

Today's lesson is on the political terms conservative, liberal, and moderate. I'll also be explaining the bias that the media attaches to the entire "conservative to liberal" spectrum.

Think of moderate as the middle of conservative and liberal. It's a dumb scale, and I'll get to that, but bear with me.

Moderate can be used to describe a politician's view on a single issue, or as a general description. Let's get to the boring dictionary definitoins:

Conservative: holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

Liberal: open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

Moderate: a person who is moderate in opinion or opposed to extreme views and actions, especially in politics or religion.

For example, an overall conservative politician would be considered more moderate on military action if he or she occasionally called for restraint, frequently called for diplomacy, but still rejected pacifism.

An overall liberal politician could be considered moderate or even conservative on gun control/Second Amendment issues--if he or she doesn't fall in line with Hive Queen Hillary's fervent gun control stance.

Jeb "Not Another" Bush is widely not considered to be the most conservative of the conservatives, so he often gets the label "moderale conservative". Of course, others call him a liberal.

Now, my good humans, here's where we have to think critically. Even by giving out the standard definition and examples of "conservative", "liberal", and "moderate", these words are still exposed as highly subjective in the political sense. Who gets to define them?

How about I take a swipe at it? I'd trust a fuzzy cat more than the stooges in the mainstream media!

A "traditonal" conservative value means different things to different Elephants (Republicans). One Elephant might say it is traditional to impose a strict moral code on the country at large, and use taxpayer money to vigorously enforce that code. Another will note that the traditional Constitution protects people from unreasonable search and seizure laws, rendering certain laws Un-American to enforce.

Since the establishment loves excessive harassment, they'll tell you that the correct conservative is the moral enforcer; when in reality, the Constitutionalist who doesn't want to micromanage morality is the true conservative.

The terms conservative, liberal, and moderate have been hijacked by corporate media. They want to embed in us a skewed perception of the whole spectrum.

This country's Constitution was founded on the spirit of becoming more perfect, establishing justice, insuring domestic tranqulility, providing for the common DEFENSE, promoting the general welfare, and ensuring the blessings of LIBERTY. Does this look familiar?

When I think of the Constitution, I notice that too many laws on our books don't even pass the test of the FIRST SENTENCE. Furthermore, all five politicians that the media calls moderate are cronies who support Un-Constitutional laws.

Neither of today's establishment "conservatives" or "liberals" have a belief system that is in line with the United States Constitution. Furthermore, it seems that the ones that the mainstream media labels "moderate" are most often the worst possible candidates! By no coincidence, the five candidates who the mainstream media think are "moderate" and "electable" happen to receive the five lowest scores! What's passing for a moderate these days is sickening. It's obvious that the "mainstream" media wants Hillary Clinton pitted against some establishment Republican in the 2016 Presidential election. Hillary Clinton is not moderate. She might be a mix of conservative and liberal views, but they go together like oil and water. Plus, she's a career crony. Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich are certainly not moderate. As with Clinton, these so-called "moderates" are a mix of profoundly conservative and profoundly liberal views. It's brutally obvious that the mainstream media has wanted one of thees four Republican candidates to run against Clinton. That scenario is a nightmare for the United States, and why I chose to run for Purresident!

Thank you for reading, humans! In Part 2, I'll be talking about the issues, and proving the points I just made.

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