The Future Is What We Make It! Take the Rocky Challenge!

Purroww! My dear humans! This is the final day of August! While I'll still be adding blog entries in the future, I will now focus my attention on other things! So, what's next in store for Rocky 2016?

Well, this week I will be designing T-shirts to sell! I'll have them posted by next Friday. You will be able to pre-order them, and if I receive enough of those, you will have it delivered to your door! Then, the human can buy me stuff. I am very excited about this! My human has put his heart and soul into trying to make me famous!

We will continue to work on my Presidential Platform, and present it as the only Constitutional set of political beliefs out there! Humans are becoming increasingly angry at Elephants and Donkeys, but nobody has really given a viable third option. They continue to vote out of fear, which is only hurting everyone. We cannot wait any longer for third parties to get their acts together. It's time for a cat to rise above the fray.

Want to make a difference? Then, take the Rocky Challenge!

I, (state your name), do hereby promise to cast my vote for Rocky Coast, unless an Independent human politician decides to adopt my platform.

That's it! I seek your votes. Put my name in the write-in area of the ballot -- or anywhere else you want! A vote for Rocky Coast is a vote of no confidence in our political system! Easy!

Thank you, humans, for giving my human Dad the strength to follow this through. He will never give up!

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