Rocky Vs. Bernie Sanders!

Mrow? This is Rocky, your feline voice of reason! We are in the home stretch of this month's daily blogs! I have a few more important topics that I'd like to discuss. Today and tomorrow, I will compare myself with the only two current Presidential hopefuls that remotely resemble true Americans.

We'll start tonight in the "left" corner -- introducing, the Senator from Vermont, Bernieeeee Sanders! The irony of all this is the fact that he isn't even a Donkey. He's an Independent who often supports some of the more noble Donkey-oriented causes. Let's see how he stacks up!

We'll start with the economy. Like myself and millions of others, Bernie Sanders shares our anger that corporations are calling all the shots in regards to economic policies. "Too big to fail" banks and corporations enjoy huge tax breaks, while at the same time outsourcing jobs overseas. According to the "Friends of Bernie" website, the top one percent now make 23% of the new income -- which is more than all of the bottom 50% put together. If you're into this stuff and want a more detailed chart of economic growth in the past 20 years, here you go!

So, Bernie and I definitely agree that the concentration of wealth in America is out of whack. Tax breaks for the rich, he says, is prioritized over care for elderly, military veterans, the unemployed, the disabled, and the impoverished. He laments the fact that the trillions we spend on war is not being used to help those who've fought for us.

He is definitely anti-war, so I'd imagine he'd want to limit defense spending to balance the budget. I would tread lightly on this if I were him. Cats like myself want a strong national defense.

Sanders is rated "F" by the NRA on his gun voting record. Humans, you can peruse over it and see what you think. I am a gun rights advocate, but I'll give him a "D" instead. Maybe we can talk it out someday.

As for the NSA and other spy-happy organizations, Bernie is on board with my feelings.

It proves difficult to find Bernie's position on legalizing human catnip. He is definitely for medical catnip, and this article says he is "pushing for legalized cannabis". It seems we agree here, but I'd like to see him stick his neck out there more. The War on Drugs contributes to some of the other issues he's strongly against.

Where I'm disappointed most in Bernie Sanders is his opposition to border security. I think he'd oppose my idea of moving the DEA to the borders. How unfortunate, because that would kill two birds with one stone! The DEA doing something useful for a change, and borders protected better at the same time? What's not to like? As I've said, I'm for legal immigration and border security.

For a very detailed look at Bernie's vote record on all the issues, you can look here. Some notable positives for Bernie is his opposition to "trade agreements" like NAFTA and CAFTA. He also has a good civil rights record, including his strong support of the labeling of GMO's in food!

Overall, Bernie Sanders rates as: Good American. He might make a good Vice President under me. At least he isn't bought and sold. Now humans, I hope I have made it very clear that I am a fierce women's rights advocate. That still doesn't mean I'm going to be fooled by politics as usual (Hillary Clinton) or another fake (Elizabeth Warren). Donkeys, shame on you. Bernie is the best you got by a landslide, and he's an Independent.

Whom will I choose from the Elephant side? Find out tomorrow!

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