Rocky on Religion: Moar Cat Treats!

Rawrr! Mroowwrrrr! Prr? ... Oh sorry, humans, my Babelcat is on the fritz. Whenever I say meowrr... rrr... darnit! Ok let's try that again. Good afternoon! I'm glad I got that working. Yesterday, I briefly addressed the subject of religion. This was because it pertained to my story of a politician who let the power get to his head. Today, I'll just finish up on the subject of religion in America with a few thoughts.

As you know, I am a Constitutional cat! The separation of Church and State has been an important part of keeping America free! I have a religion, and its rituals are used to acquisition more cat treats! I obviously don't care what religion you humans want to be. That's not my job. What concerns me is that our religious leaders in this country are giving normal religious folk a bad name. There are many more good religious humans than bad ones. But, when we become politically inactive as a country, we end up letting the bad ones speak for us! They are taking all the treats!

The humans we see on TV are spewing "hellfire and brimstone". I'd like to see a "David" challenge this "Goliath", calling them out on their lack of humility. You see this type of fear-mongering on both "conservative" and "liberal" media, so don't think I just worry about the "Right-Wing". I always try and be equal opportunity! Remember, Elephants, I picked on Donkeys a few days in a row earlier this month!

As for American Christians, I encourage you to challenge your authorities. Jesus did that really well, and right now our country needs it! =^..^=

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