The Fall of Mark Souder

Meow! Good afternoon, humans! Wouldn't it be great if karma would pay more attention to politicians? Not enough of these liars and swindlers actually get what they deserve -- which is to be buried neck deep in cat litter! Sometimes, though, a politician will get caught being a complete hypocrite.

Take the case of the "family values" Elephant Senator from Indiana, Mark Souder. He left the Senate in disgrace after having an affair with a Congressional aide! He was a terrible representative of Christianity, a terrible Senator, and he managed to be in the Senate for eight, yes eight, terms!

Souder's fall from grace in politics brought my human great joy. You see, this particular Elephant politician is one of those "Right-wing Christians". Now humans, be sure not to confuse these with actual Christians. They'll go on and on about this being a sin, and that being a sin, and people should be punished and/or imprisoned for almost everything! Yet, they don't practice what they preach!

One of the Bible's most famous quotes is "judge not, lest you be judged". So, why do "Right Wing Christians" judge and condemn everyone under the sun? That's God's job! None of us are God! The Christian faith also has this rule that followers should spread love and happiness, but these fakes spread hate and prejudice. I might be just a cat, but I just thumped the Bible Thumpers!

Anyways, Mark Souder was one of those "law and order" types, just like all "Right Wing Christians". He hated drug use so much it blinded him. He came up with one of the most idiotic and hypocritical laws that ever existed. You see, there was this bill called the Higher Education Act. Souder added an "Aid Elimination Penalty" to this bill that made anyone with a drug conviction ineligible for student aid. So, even if you had a prior drug conviction, and wanted to turn your life around with an education, you would not qualify for any assistance. In 2006, with pressure from reform groups, that part was omitted. Still, if you're a college student, you can get your aid taken away if you get caught with one joint! Um, haven't tens of millions of college students used human catnip? Worse yet, students who commit violent crimes retain their student aid. What kind of priorities are those?! My human is just lucky he never got caught trying to manage his glaucoma during college! Souder took no issue with ruining the chances of over 200,000 students. He celebrated by giving in to his own temptations by fooling around behind his wife's back.

Mark Souder tried repeatedly to deny the allegations. When he was finally backed into a corner, he hardly sounded apologetic. Not only did he lie, he went on to blame his job environment for his promiscuity.

"Right Wing" Christians tend to be heavily against certain sins (drug abuse, abortion, homosexuality, and apparently poverty) and condone/look the other way at other sins (alcohol abuse, greed, adultery, dishonesty, condemnation). This is a fun subject. I think I'll talk more about "Right Wing Christians" tomorrow!

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