The Story of Rocky's Dad

Purrr? Meow! What a busy day today! Tonight I'm going to let my human speak! He has been troubled by something for a long time, and you should hear it in his own words.

I'm sure my readers know by now that my human dadservant is legally blind. He uses medical catnip because prescription eye drops for glaucoma aren't enough. A doctor told him that human catnip preserves the rods and cones in his eye. He has a lot less of those than a normal 39-year-old. He has partial sight in the one eye he has left. Catnip legalization is obviously important to him, so I mention it a lot. Humans really need to understand how much prohibition negatively affects life as we know it. Just like alcohol prohibition, it hasn't worked -- and has caused way more harm than good. Ok human, tell your story and don't get all long-winded!

Hey everyone, my name is Matt, and I use cannabis several times a day for medical purposes. By the time I was 12 years old, I had gone through five eye surgeries for crossed eyes, cataracts, and detached retinas. Normal eyesight? What's that?

I used to cheat on eye charts in order to show the world that I was a capable, smart kid. Yeah, as my friends can tell you -- I even memorized the eye test at the DMV and drove safely for nine years. Don't worry, commuters: I quit while I was ahead.

When Proposition 215 passed in California, it was time to inhale! I could now legally use a substance that not only alleviated my glaucoma symptoms, it also helped me relax and sleep! I graduated with honors from college despite my daily usage.

Like a lot of people, I stopped using the "devil weed" after college -- but that was a mistake. Everything got worse! My job at Sony's 989 Studios took its toll on me. My eye was bleeding internally from all the strain. I tried to ignore it, but it just wouldn't get better. I was forced to resign from my job as well as stop driving.

During the three years I did not use cannabis, I was a recluse. My mood was erratic and sleeping was tougher than it had ever been. Worst of all, I began to lose my peripheral vision at a more rapid rate. Another eye surgery was needed.

Resuming my cannabis use at age 30 made everything seem back to normal! I was happy! My eye has been stable ever since! But, a new enemy reared its ugly head -- it was called prejudice, and it is the most horrible thing I've ever endured in my life.

I'm a smart man, and have no doubt I could be a good employee. Of course, there are jobs I simply cannot perform because of my eyesight. I get that. However, this country's obsession with drug testing has made me feel rather hopeless. Hearing about quadruplegiacs and cancer survivors being fired from work, and the companies having their decision upheld in courts was maddening! This injustice happens even in states that have medical/recreational cannabis laws. Most jobs drug test upon hiring, so I'm pretty much hosed.

What hurts even more is the assumptions people make about me. They say I only use cannabis to get high. Obviously, they have no idea. I've lost friends over it. My peers have tried to sabotage my relationships over it. People get offended when I'm outspoken about it. Either way, you all just have no idea how sad I've felt because people regard me as a dumb pothead. Let's just say that I know the pain that homosexuals have gone through. Just like you all, I didn't ask to be born this way.

These are just words. You can decide to believe them, or choose to think of me as a drug addict who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

I know that the winds are changing. Even my cynical self knows pot prohibition is crumbling. Parents of children with cancer and other horrible diseases -- far worse than what I've endured -- are coming forward. For all of us -- all who live my story... change has not happened fast enough.

"Cannabis prohibition is legalized bigotry." ~C. Rockford Coast

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