Rocky's interview 8/23/14

Prrroww! Happy Caturday, humans! Have you worshipped your cat today? I hope so! Anyways, today I have a special treat. The human has been granted an opportunity to interview me! Yes, he likes to do that from time to time. I wonder what he's going to ask me today!

Q: Good afternoon, Rocky. How are you?

A: See all this fur? I'm hot. Turn up the air conditioning! And feed me something decent for dinner! What the hell was that last night? Was it beef or chicken?! Oh well, it all looks the same buried under plastic bags.

Q: Ok, moving along... let's get to the important questions. How do feel about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri?

A: I see the big picture. This massive protest has been decades in the making. I am not here to blame individual cops. The War on Drugs has slowly turned the police into an improperly trained battalion with military equipment. This war continues to fail, and the prohibitionists only response is to pour more gasoline on the fire. Impoverished neighborhoods are over-policed. Every poor young male is regarded as a suspect in some communitites, giving police the excuse to harass whomever they please. This has created an "us vs. them" mentality. And of course, the mousies just blame the protestors with their usual knee-jerk style, assuming they are all guilty of something. End the War on Drugs, and maybe I'd be a little less harsh about the police having military equipment.

Q: So you don't blame the officer who shot Michael Brown?

A: Aha, tough question. The coverage on this incident is extremely partisan on both sides. We don't know all the facts yet, and it's quite possible we never will. Cops and suspects alike aren't very truthful. I will say this much: without a doubt, Michael Brown should not have been killed. I am going to place the blame on the system over the individual in regards to this shooting. You know, sometimes I feel like I am the lone voice of reason.

Q: Thank you, Rocky. Time for another very tough question. Do you support Israel or Palestine?

A: Oh, human. You really want to dig deep today. This is just another issue that is dividing our country, which is not named Israel or Palestine. You know what I don't support? Killing and torture of any kind in the name of religion. They're both guilty. You may find more insight to your question's answer in my fierce support of women's rights. ANY individual or organization who feels that women should be dominated, humiliated, beaten, or oppressed does not have my support. Hmm, that means I do not support most organizations! Shame on anyone who thinks women are second-class citizens. So, I'd like Israel and Palestine to tell me the truth: how do you feel about women? How do your leaders feel about women?

Q: What are your thoughts on the new terrorist organization, ISIS?

A: Let me first throw you a curve-ball, human. Any American who believes in strict gun control is completely missing the point of why we have the Second Amendment. To answer your question, ISIS could do some real damage in the U.S. if regular citizens weren't armed -- especially because Elephants and Donkey politicians REFUSE to secure our borders. In this case, it's the Elephants who use lip service on concerned Americans while doing nothing to make our borders safer. Anyways, religious extremists are always a threat. While some use gruesome tactics to spread fear, others prefer a more subtle, psychological type of warfare.

Q: Well, Mr. Rocky. That's enough for this Caturday. You go enjoy the rest of your evening!

A: Of course I will. If I get bored, I'll just bother the crap out of you like usual!

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