Pandora's Tale

Meow? Dear Humans! My topic for today is the story of my older sister. Her name is Pandora, and we believe she was about nine years old when she passed away. The human was devastated, of course. He says he'll never find a cat as grateful as she was. Many humans will tell you, there is nothing quite like a "rescued" dog or cat.

The human could be right. She was grateful. The pet store wasn't fun for me, but at least it was safe. I am sweet and affectionate, but even I will admit she was even moreso. You see, my sister spent years of being neglected. She wanted to be loved, but her previous owners didn't love her or know how to take care of her. They thought she wasn't properly litterbox trained, so they made her live outside and fend for herself. There was a lot of feral cats in the neighborhood. She got beat up. If it weren't for the neighbors feeding her, she would have died on the streets.

When my human Dad first saw her, he was in the process of finding a cheap mobile home to buy. When he looked down at this cat, he saw an emaciated little calico with one eye swollen shut with infection. She pitifully meowed at him, which prompted him to tell her owners, "Is this cat yours? You really need to take her to the vet, look at her eye." When he left, he just shook his head, saying, "Why don't they take care of her?" Indeed, it disturbed him seeing a cat in this condition, but there was nothing he could do. He had an elderly calico of his own, and was worried about transmitting some sort of disease to her.

As fate would have it, he ended up buying that mobile home. The previous owners had left without the starving little cat. This put the human in a tough situation. He started feeding her in the driveway. She looked like she had a bad skin condition, so he was afraid to touch her. When he gave in and stroked her back, she started purring immediately. She rubbed and rubbed, thinking how wonderful it was to finally have a human scratching post. Needless to say, the elderly calico who lived indoors was not pleased. Sometimes, female cats really don't get along with each other, and the human had been caught red-handed interacting with another female!

A few days went by. She was fed and watered routinely. But she wanted more. There was something that this kitty was trying to say, and it went like, "This really is my house. Please, oh please let me back in! It's been years and I'm lonely and hurt!"

After giving it some thought, the human ended up taking the sickly little cat to the vet. Surprisingly, she did not have any serious diseases! She weighed only six pounds. Her back legs didn't move very well, and her skin was dry and scaly. One of her front teeth was missing, but her eye was actually on the road to recovery! With this relatively clean bill of health, the human welcomed the kitty into his home. She was named Pandora, since having two female calicos in the same house is like opening Pandora's box!

Despite being routinely hissed at, Pandora learned to ignore it and continued her amazing recovery. She couldn't get enough food, and went from six to ten pounds in about two months. Her back legs began to function a lot better. She played with the exuberance of a kitten! I don't think anyone took the time to play with her before! Pandora also NEVER had trouble using the litter box, despite previous claims. The two females even ate together towards the end.

The older calico had to be humanely put down soon after, because of kidney failure. Her name was Phoebe, and she lived 14 1/2 years. Pandora said her last goodbyes, too. The human was extremely distraught, and apparently I entered the picture a week later to help everyone cope with the loss. Yeah, I am that awesome; the human has called me a star in the making since the day I came into his life. Ok, enough about me...

Pandora (Pandy, for short) became the fat, loving kitty she was always meant to be. Most cats do all sorts of things to wake their humans up. Not Pandy! She would sit there quietly next to him until he'd open his eyes. What a patient cat! Patience certainly is not one of my virtues. Pandora would always sit on his lap, and how she loved being scratched! The human and Pandy were like peas and carrots, according to that Forrest Gump guy you humans like.

Unfortunately, Pandy's allergies were severe and ongoing. He tried, he really did, to nurse this kitty to complete health and comfort. She knew that, and she was grateful every step of the way. Less than two years later, Pandora died of an apparent stroke. At least she didn't have to suffer anymore. There's still a little scar on the human's heart because she was taken from him too soon. I know I'm not the same as Pandy. I know Cammie is not the same. But, he loves us just the same. He is a genuine "crazy cat dude".

So, that's Pandora's legacy. Now go out there and rescue a kitty!

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