The Nanny State: Solitaire

Rawr! Yikes, I don't have much time today! The human will be shutting his computer down soon! Let's get to it.

Nanny State solitaire is similar to the traditional version, only in this game the deuce (which again represents fear) is the foundation. In order to convince the masses to do their bidding, the government must make most of them afraid. This concept even appears in the Bible:

Matthew 27:17 says, "Therefore when they were gathered together, Pilate said unto them, Whom will ye that I release unto you? Barabbas, or Jesus which is called Christ?"

And, Matthew 27:20 says, But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus."

While I am not trying to "Bible Thump" as you humans call it, I'm trying to let you all know that the concept of corrupt government persuasion has been around a long time. That practice causes humans to fear things they should not fear. An argument against the blind respect of elders also appears here. Our "elders" in politics have overseen decades of failed financial and social policies. Ok, I digress. Back to the rules.

When the government lays down its fear card, the deuce, they are now able to form a multi-layered institution around the fear. Take the fear of terrorists after 9/11, for example. While Muslim extremists pose a legitimate threat to America, the government saw 9/11 as an opportunity to implant the idea that anyone could be a terrorist. Anyone got a 3? Of course they do! Without much fanfare, the Patriot Act was passed, increasing the scope of warrantless surveillance in the name of fighting terror. As you can see in my Consitution platform, the Patriot Act isn't used only for terrorism -- not be a long shot! As you can see here, once a card is played, it is an uphill battle to delete!

Did Obama do anything to curb the warrantless spying? NO! Instead he asked, "Anyone got a 4?" Of course they did! The National Defense Authorization Act gave the military the ability to infinitely detain our own citizens! While it is certainly my hope that the military only focuses on the real terrorists -- one must remember, the government reserves the right to view a "terrorist" as whatever they want! Here's an angry synopsis of 2014's version.

Anyone got a 5? Yes, of course! Play that NSA card! The NSA has been heavily scrutinized for its bulk data collection on innocent civilians. Building on their very loose definition of "terrorist", the government decided to push forward its goals to leave no stone unturned... until recently. (( ))

Years of public indifference towards excessive surveillance allowed the Nanny State to grow its roots. Fortuately, humans seem more aware these days. Edward Snowden is of course viewed a traitor by our tyrant politicians and their apologists. What he did gave ordinary American humans insight as to how widespread and Un-Constitutional this post-9/11 surveillance has become.

I'm sure I could have spent days on this, and described many more cards -- but like I've said before, humans prefer their politics in smaller doses.

So, the key to winning Nanny State solitaire is to chip away at the base. Choosing not to live in excessive fear will result in the Nanny State collapsing to the ground like the house of cards it is. A bit of righteous anger also helps!

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