The Nanny State: Deuces Wild!

Good afternoon, humans! Ready for some card games? Make sure you know the rules -- because the deck of the Nanny State is always stacked against you! First, it's time for...

DEUCES WILD! Yes, even the lowly deuce plays the star in one of the most important Nanny State games. You see, in the Nanny State society, fear is the wild card! You can amplify any given situation by adding fear. Of course, politicians are often accused of fear-mongering to get their way. It works because too many American humans fall for partisan politics and yellow journalism.

Fear-mongering always starts out the same. Some elitist gets paranoid, and wants to retain a comfortable level of power over his/her chosen enemies. These humans look for isolated stories to back their claims and exaggerate it all. Then, said elitist will get the politicians and journalists on their sides. Finally, a blitz of misinformation rains down on the human citizens, overwhelming the truth. The citizens become afraid. Success for the fear-mongerer! Let's focus today on one of the root causes of fear-mongering, which is racism.

The race card is, indeed, a deuce! Both Elephants and Donkeys have their race cards, but they obviously come in different suits. You see, Elephants have a severe racism issue. They claim they don't, but the proof is in the deck. There is undeniable proof that ethnic communities endure racism on a daily basis, but Elephants just pretend it's the humans' own fault they are impoverished and over-policed.

I just want to go over this briefly, but it's clear that racism still flourished after the Civil War -- and still flourishes today. This has traumatized individual and community alike for generations. As other races slowly gained acceptance and rights such as the right to vote, there was a major backlash from white supremacist groups. The bottom line is: African Americans and other races were stifled in their ability to seamlessly integrate into our supposedly civil, freedom-loving society. Some call the 1950's the Golden Age, but I ask, "Golden Age for whom?". Elephant politicians simply blame poor people for being poor, so it isn't really a stretch to realize that they have no empathy for impoverished ethnic communities. While Elephants lack the ability to understand that it is American nature to act out when individuals are treated like second-class citizens, Donkeys simply take advantage of the situation.

The Donkeys use the race card for their own purposes. They are quite good at lip-service to ethnic communities, exaggerating stories to incite the generalizion of all white humans as ignorant. Are they really doing much to help communities escape the violence? No, they are too busy making up new laws to harass good humans -- more on that tomorrow. Let's switch gears and talk about one of the most famous race card magicians of all time, Jesse Jackson! Maybe he felt righteously oppressed, and made a positive difference in his earlier days, but greed and lust for power took over! I guess he wasn't expecting to be booed out of Ferguson when he tried soliciting donations for his church! "He isn't a community leader, he's a vulture!" was tweeted by a smart human named Elisha Colter. Certain Donkeys like Jesse Jackson have made a fortune off the race card while racism still burns in America. If you want humans on your side, be sincere. Love sees no color, but the love of money and power only sees green and blood red.

The fear card can obviously be used for more than just racism. It's been used to stigmatize and over-exaggerate the supposed dangers presented by homosexuals and catnip users. The fear card is used to justify excessive force against the completely legal act of protesting.

Out of unwarranted fear, the Nanny State builds its foundation. We'll play some Nanny State solitaire tomorrow!

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