The Nanny State (Part 1)

Rawr! Hello, my name is Rocky. I am cute. I am independent. Those are two traits of a cat that no human can deny. Today, I'm here to remind humans that while they are less cute than us, they are supposed to be independent like us!. American humans have become far too reliant on our government to "keep us safe". It's about time we start taking accountability for this mistake. We are partly to blame for not pushing back against the Nanny State!

The Nanny State prospers off the excessive harassment and punishment of good humans. The more crimes that get added to the books, the more ability they'll have to keep the avalanche of Un-Constitutionality plummeting down, suffocating our free will.

Nanny State supporters can be easily identified. They believe in rules, regulations, and punishment for every aspect of human life. Political correctness is what they speak, and they demand that you speak it too. In regards to gun control, it is their sentiment that only the police should be allowed to have guns. A Nanny-Stater is often myopic. For example, they'll focus on sugary snack regulation while ignoring the greater problem of unhealthy additives and genetically modified organisms (GMO'S) put in our food by giant institutions like Monsanto. They'll overlook the harms of pharmaceutical medications, alcohol, and tobacco while comdemning the use of human catnip. Government statistics and ideologies are to be automatically believed as truth. A common phrase I've heard over the years in response to the excessive government spying issue is "The government knows everything anyways, why fight it?" The Nanny Stater is afraid of change and civil unrest. They lump all protestors of a given event into the category of "domestic terrorists". They won't question authority. As long as we "behave", they say, no harm will come to us.How can we wake these humans up without a major catastrophe happening? It's frustrating for us independent cats, who simply want to live non-violent, productive lives and be left the (bleep) alone.

What is especially frustrating about the Nanny State is that it comes at us from both major political parties. This ensures that their fearful followers will always be at least partial Nanny-Staters. Think of the facets of the Nanny State like a deck of cards; the Elephants take the diamonds and clubs, the Donkeys take the hearts and spades. No matter how the deck is shuffled, citizens will inevitably suffer as each card is dealt. The other party may feign opposition to certain parts of the Nanny State, but they are more concerned with making sure their card is next!

Tune in tomorrow for the beginning of "The Nanny State card game!

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