A Few Thoughts About Mobile Phones

Meow! As always, I am Rocky, your feline messenger of common sense! Today, we shall focus on mobile phones! Yes, I know they have a lot of positive, even life-saving uses, but I still worry. My human has his own views, and along with those I will voice my own addiction and privacy concerns. While I'm obviously not going to call for their extinction, I do feel it necessary to warn you all to go about your cell phone business with extreme caution.

My human dadservant does not use one of these things. He doesn't see well enough to deal with all that tiny print and blurry shapes. Oh, how he hates blurry shapes taking the place of words. Not having a cell phone, smart phone, android, or whatever you want to call them offers him a perspective that others may not hold with much value.

In short, he regards them as "an addiction; a ball and chain unlike the world has ever seen; a threat to privacy; another manufactured monthly expense; an aid to the destruction of the virtue known as patience; and an enemy to the art of mealtime conversation."

Rawr! The human certainly has strong feelings. He's always the guy sitting there staring off into space as his peers fiddle away at their new best friend. Adult Humans enjoy showing off their cell phones with the enthusiasm of a little boy showing off his ability to fart. "Oooh, look at my new skin", or "You've got 4G, it's soooo much better than my 3G!"

Why do humans love these gadgets? Well, I'm sure they'd say something like, "it does so much stuff for me!" It's a phone, it's a camera, it's a gaming console, it's an internets, it's a noisemaker, it's a texting device, and that's only the tip of the food bowl!

Now, let's focus briefly on the addiction and privacy issues of cell phones.

Addiction to "smartphones" is indeed something we should be aware of! A worldwide poll shows that 84% of those polled said they could not go a single day witout their phone! Half of Americans sleep with their mobile phone next to them like a teddy bear! It appears that these little devils are more addictive than illegal narcotics! Humans get really irritable when their phone doesn't provide them with instant gratification!

Besides our addictions, the other dangerous issue about cell phones is privacy concerns. Phone calls can be tracked to their location, whether it's for a good or evil purpose. Lack of knowledge of privacy settings can leave humans open to disclosing unwanted information to hackers, companies or our government (well, that's all the same thing these days, really). Here's a link to a quick reference for IOS users on privacy settings. Applications like Google Maps can give information about where you are calling from. Be sureto also pay attention to what you're downloading. No app is really "free"; their advertisers like to bundle malicious data-mining apps along with the one you downloaded.

While a simple kitty is generally not seen as an expert on smartphones, I still hope I gave you some food for thought!

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