Proper Cat Care According to Rocky

Mrow? Greetings from your favorite fuzzy politicat! Now and then, I like to mix things up.Writing about human politics all the time would mean I'm ignoring my cat brothers and sisters!

One of the issues near and dear to me is treatment of animals. Us cats and dogs have feelings! So, for current and prospective cat owners, here is my personalized list of things too keep in mind when dealing with your cat.

1. Give us cat treats, and give them to us every day! It is a sure-fire way to get your cat used to a positive daily routine. Also, don't be afraid to hide some treats around the house! After all, we are natural hunters. We could end up getting bored if all you do is drop a few treats on the ground and walk away. This acivity should be done at roughly the same time each day. Believe me, we'll remind you.

2. Don't stare at us! Cats equate that with dominance or a threat. Soften your stare. Blink slowly a couple times. We equate that with "I welcome your presence."

3. We need perches! Yes, you humans have a strange obsession with your inanimate objects. Sometimes you get all whiny when we innocently plop down on your furniture. We do that because we like to be up in high places! If you find that your cat is often where you don't want him/her to be, you can fix that. Invest in a cat tree. Get creative! I have seen amazing wall-mounted cat furniture that humans have built. Speaking of which, get to work, human!

4. Pay close attention to how your cat wants to be petted. Petting cats and listening to them purr is one of the most rewarding parts of having us! If you pet us wrong, we'll shy away when we see a human hand. Neither of us want that! How we like to be petted varies from cat to cat. For examply, I love to be scratched on my chin, top of head, sides of face, and all down my back. Not the belly, though. Traditional petting that I'd describe as "petting with an open hand" is boring to me. I like scratches. I love to be groomed with a brush. Now my sister Cammie, on the other hand, is a spaz. She likes quick pets on the top of her head and the sides of her face. Like most cats, she leads with her nose and will guide you where she wants you to go. She will also lick a human's fingers until the skin comes off if you let her.

5. Let us bite you... a little. You see, a gentle nip on the hands, feet, arms, or legs is a way for us to show you affection and/or an invitation to play with us. A slightly stronger bite resulting in the most minor of discomfort is our subtle reminder that we're not satisfied with how you're petting us, or that we've had enough affection! We generate static electricity, so that may be the cause as well. Don't overreact. If we bite too hard, a quick, loud "HEY." will let us know we bit too hard.

6. Don't yell at us unless you caught us red-handed doing something wrong! If we're already off your precious antique hunk of junk, we will have no idea why you're so mad!

7. We're not human babies; don't hold us like one! If you can't understand why we're wriggling around in your arms, and then proceed to use your body as a scratching post, perhaps you need someone 10 times as big as you holding you upside-down and squeezing you!

8. Pay attention to what you're feeding us! I recommend a mix of wet and dry food. Some cats, like my sister, eat pretty much whatever you put in front of them. For more distinguished palates like my own, we require more variety. My human realized that I need a different flavor of food for each meal, or I will bug the living crap out of him.

9. Last, but not least, give us MOAR CATNIP!

Until tomorrow, my good humans! If this helps or motivates just one of you, I have done my job!

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