The Political Assault on Language

Mrow! My blog for August is now over halfway complete! On this Caturday, I would like to direct your human minds to the constant attack on language by our tyrant Elephant and Donkey politicians and their followers. Words and phrases seem to change meanings over time; that is inevitable. Who would have thought that the word "sick" would become synonymous with "awesome"? Well, it is now! Also, as culture constantly evolves, some phrases that were once meant as harmless, funny slang are now seen as insensitive. Did you know that the phrase "Blow Job" meant something completely different in the 1940's? It was military slang for a jet, and/or the gust of air emanating from a low-flying jet! Unfortunately for us, politicians also play the semantics game.

Politicians use what are commonly known as "buzz words" and "catch phrases" in hopes that their fearful mousie or angry parrot followers repeat said phrase over and over. Words like "liberal" are used more as hate speech than anything else. Catch phrases like "Support the Troops", "Forty-seven percent of people don't pay taxes", and "Think about the children" are designed and heavily repeated by politicians to give the impression to voters that they actually care, and/or know their butt from their wallet. Sorry politicians, but my human servant and I have studied your Elephant and Donkey behavior for, in his case, over a decade. Excuse me while I laugh!

Did you ever notice that the word "liberal" means very different things to different people? To an Elephant, a "liberal" means a communist who wants to destroy America from the inside. To a Donkey, "liberal" means an enlightened soul who wants to only do what is right for humanity. Deviations like "libtard" are used frequently around Facebook. The "liberals" retalliate with their own deviations of "conservative", like "Repuke" or RepubliKKKan" Elephants who claim the inaccuracy of "liberal media" are on to something, but they act like sinners throwing stones from glass houses. Donkeys who accuse the "conservative" media of fear-mongering are truthful in doing so, but have they watched their own media lately?! Who am I going to side with? The correct answer, of course, is NEITHER.

How does one "support the troops" while at the same time refuse to take care of them after they serve our country? The Elephants blocked the bill, but to be fair, I'll give to my readers their response After reading both articles, it is clear to me that both Elephants and Donkeys would rather blame each other and expand the intended scope of the bill -- rather than "support our troops". It's all about money, of course.

The mega-rich Elephant named Mitt Romney's infamous and ignorant utterance of "Forty-seven percent of people don't pay income taxes" probably cost him the election. How disgusting it is to lump senior citizens who have worked all their lives into this category? There is a phenomenon known as "The graying of America" which undoubtedly has contributed to Romney's slanted claim. It is sickening (not awesome) to me that Elephants parroted this all across the country as a way to defend their exalted billionaires' web of tax loopholes.

And lastly, today, is "Think of the children". No phrase has worked better for tyrants than this one. Ask Hitler; he knew. I really hoped never to use a Hitler reference, but how else can I hammer this point home that politicians and their supporters use children to pull at your heartstrings despite their real intentions? When I hear that phrase, I like to throw it right back at the user. Examples are -- The Drug War: think of the children who have had their families ripped apart by lengthy, cruel prison sentences for simple drug posession charges. Think of the children of cancer patients who go to jail for growing a plant. Border Security: Why won't we protect our children from terrorists who can easily cross our borders? See? Anyone, good or evil, can "think of the children". It's a phrase used as a "third rail" of politicians, uttered with calculated fervor so that people lose sight of the facts.

It's a hot Caturday afternoon, and I have run out of things to say myself. I hope you all have a great evening!

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