Honoring Two Icons: One Old, One New

Meow! Purrr... Hi everyone, and happy fur-iday! I am doing much better than yesterday! My cat tree is where it should be, and the room is starting to resemble what it used to look like. I particularly enjoyed sitting on top of a wooden chest while the humans carried it to the front room! I felt so "Prince-ly"! I should be treated like royalty! Well, after all, I am a cat.

Despite my good spirits, today's two subjects are quite sad.

It's been a long week riddled with tragedy. Robin Williams died this week of an apparent suicide. "He was the first funny person I can remember", says my human servant. We all must play our part on this Earth, and Robin gave the world a lot of happiness. He also may have helped open a door to the re-evaluation of the disease known as depression. Honestly, I wouldn't blame anyone in this country for being depressed, with all this turmoil and tyranny going on. Rest In Peace, Robin Williams.

Speaking of justice, turmoil, and tyranny... a young man named Michael Brown was killed by police the other day. While there are conflicting stories about this whole situation in Ferguson, Missouri, there is no excuse for him being shot repeatedly. After years of increased police militarization, tensions throughout the country are starting to rise. The people of Ferguson have simply had enough after decades of abuse. It would be common sense to conclude that Eric Garner's death by an illegal police choke-hold in Staten Island, NY last month was another catalyst. I will write more about the Ferguson situation when more details surface. It's not an easy subject, because I don't want to come off like a cop-hater. What I hate is cops being given all these new toys that would be better served elsewhere (On the border, duh), and the Un-Constitutional authority granted to police by tyrants. Over-policing makes criminals out of good people. Rest In Peace, Mike Brown.

I didn't plan to write about these tragedies today. Let us all honor Robin Williams by being a good listener and friend to someone who is depressed. Let them pour their hearts out to you; they need someone to give them that chance. To honor Mike Brown, we should put an end to our collective denial. Let us put forth more effort into changing outlandish police tactics like no-knock SWAT raids, using lethal force on pets, using lethal force on unarmed humans, and the infamous "stop-and-frisk". Words alone cannot do these two men justice.

This is Rocky, wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!

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