Examples of the Abuse of the Word "Terrorism"

Prr? Hi there! This is your feline advocate for common sense, Rocky! Over the years I've gotten really fed up with how the word "terrorist" is used. A few days ago, I wrote about a story where a principal of a school uses the "T" word to describe a mass violation of his stupid dress code! I concluded that it is an absolute insult to the real victims of terrorism to dilute and broaden its definition! Since that awful 9/11 incident, politicians have abused that word like no other! It's an absolute shame!

U.S. Senator Harry Reid called supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy "domestic terrorists". Let's examine why Reid was strategically overreactive. He wants to tell anyone who truly believes in a cause that they need to stand down and let our bloated government have its way. No shots were fired in this incident. Reid is just mad that an armed society won't surrender to his big-government fantasies. Regardless of how much money Mr. Bundy "owes", who is the only group that actually suffered in this incident? The cows! At least two bulls had to be euthanized, and other cows and calves died from exhaustion. From an animal's perspective, who's the terrorist?

Another example of this pathetic government overreach is the case of three Catholics -- including an 82-year-old nun -- who were arrested for trespassing on a nuclear weapons facility. They cut through a couple fences and used spray paint to vandalize some of the property. Originally, they were just going to be charged with trespassing. They were released from jail to await their court date. Embarrassed by the lack of security on the facility, the Department of Energy decided to tack on more and more charges. Instead of facing up to one year in jail, soon they were facing up to 35 years! They had no intent to injure anyone, yet that was one of the charges brought up. Murderers often get less time! All they murdered was a chain fence! What the hell is wrong with our government, regarding Christian peace activists as violent terrorists?!

"Authority figures" love to spew out the "T" word when they want people to be afraid! A water quality executive in Tennessee is so prideful of his dirty water that complaining about it is terrorism! Former drug czar, the psychopathic John Walters, calls marijuana growers "dangerous terrorists"! And, of course, our President Donkey is much more concerned with illegal downloading than ACTUAL terrorists. Humans, this is a slippery slope you're traveling. We live in a supposedly free country whose government is obsessed with making everyone guilty of something -- so they can justify mass surveillance and easily squash dissent.

Hissss! The government makes me so angry with their abuse of the word "terrorist"! I guess I'm a terrorist to them as well, because I strongly disagree with elephants and donkeys!

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