Nixon: My Immortal Enemy (Silent Majority)

Meow! Welcome, humans, to my final installation on Richard Nixon. Today I'll focus on his "Silent Majority", which I truly believe has been a factor in our political apathy! Let the government handle everything and don't make room for politics, right? The government knows best, right? Where has that gotten us? Are we better off today? How is our middle class doing? How much longer can politicians blatantly lie, cheat, and steal without us saying, "Enough!" At some point, we'll have to become the "vocal majority". That's our only hope to keep this country free!

Nixon's version of the "Silent Majority" evolved from a speech he delivered in 1969. He essentially called upon the "Silent Majority"; those who were not vocal about their opposition to the Vietnam War, who did not engage in Nixon's version of "counterculture", who did not engage in political discource; and who were "bewildered by irrational protest". By doing this, Nixon created a huge divide in our nation. He wanted a country full of bigoted, politically ignorant cogs in his machine, ready to lash out at anyone who felt differently.

Nixon rewarded silence and compliance, and as you well know, he looked to squash any dissent to his vision of a utopian society. Of course Nixon wanted the people to remain silent to further his own agenda. All modern Presidents have done this! From my experience, far too many humans live by the saying, "Don't talk about religion and politics". Again I ask, where has that gotten us?

Many American humans are not even politically awake, much less aware. According to a Zogby poll in 2006, 42 percent of Americans couldn't even name the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial). In many parts of the country, only 30 percent of American humans can name their two senators! I sure wish the two senators in my state would go away! IQ's are rising, but political awareness is declining! Our media is certainly to blame there, with all the partisan cat crap going on!

Simply accepting a muted role in politics has created an inability to facilitate positive change in this country. It has emptied our voting booths. When a human makes a truly righteous stand, he/she is often ridiculed!

Humans say their vote doesn't matter. If enough humans vote for me, believe me it will matter! People who were once completely trusting of our government now feel completely helpless. As if helplessness solved anything! Make your voices heard! Rawr!

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