Nixon: My Immortal Enemy (Part 1.5 of 2)

Hi there! This is Rocky, once again, with the Second installment of why I think Richard Nixon sucked, and continues to suck! His influence on the United States needs to be buried with him! Let's begin.

Richard Nixon was one of the most bigoted men we've ever seen. He basically hated everyone expect white Protestants (even then, I'm certain he hated a lot of them too!) Released recordings of Richard Nixon show that he refers to those of African descent as "Negro bastards" and other foul terms. He had a belief that African-Americans were so far behind whites that it would take 500 years and a lot of inbreeding to help them become an asset to American society. Nixon's feelings towards just about everyone was also disgusting! He had nasty things to say about the Jews, Irish, Italians, homosexuals, and Chinese. Of course, he was shrewd enough to keep all this from the public during his Presidency, but he had an ace up his sleeve: The War on Drugs.

You see, Nixon blamed African-Americans for the drug use in America. He knew he couldn't develop an openly racist policy. Instead, he created the modern-day War on Drugs, equipped with SWAT teams, no-knock raids, mandatory minimum prison sentences, and complete ignorance on the "drug" known as "marijuana". Despite recommendations from his own appointees which called for treating the drug use issue as a health problem, he ignored it and chose to brand them criminals who were responsible for America's new "Public Enemy #1". Nixon also ignored his own Commission when it came to how to deal with the "drug" known as "marijuana" (cannabis). Raymond Shafer was the chairperson of a committee who's job was to study all things cannabis. The findings of the study, known as the "Shafer Report" angered the megalomaniacal, "law-and-order" President. Their extensive study included the following recommendations:

"The criminal law is too harsh a tool to apply to personal possession even in the effort to discourage use. It implies an overwhelming indictment of the behavior which we believe is not appropriate. The actual and potential harm of use of the drug is not great enough to justify intrusion by the criminal law into private behavior, a step which our society takes only 'with the greatest reluctance'".

Nixon, of course, ignored the findings. Since then, the White house has spent over $1 trillion on a failed, 40-year war that I refer to as "World War III". Despite absolutely overwhelming evidence of cannabis' medical value, the White House still considers it as dangerous as heroin. Despite averaging about 700,000 arrests for cannabis each year, we are not winning this war. More American humans want catnip prohibition to end than ever.

While his racist War on Drugs still rages on to this day, Nixon's own political career was cut down by what we all know as the Watergate scandal. Basically, he spied on his political enemies, had people break into the Watergate Holel (they got caught) and tried to cover it up. He ordered the harassment of political activist groups and political figures by the FBI, IRS, and a few other intrusive agencies. Quite a few people were arrested, although of course Richard Nixon was not one of them. To be fair, our current President Donkey is doing the same damn thing. Rather than play favorites, I suggest impeaching both political parties.

Getting away with all this criminal activity is what Elephant and Donkey politicians do best. I'd like to conclude today's blog by saying that politicians would get away with a lot less if humans would pay more attention! I think that Richard Nixon's "Silent Majority" has a lot to do with this problem! That deserves its own blog entry, so I will do that tomorrow!

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