Nixon: My Immortal Enemy (Part 1 of 2)

Rawr! Good morning, humans! I am known by many names, but you can just call me Rocky! In the past four decades my human has seen a lot of fail come and go. His education is psychological, so he tends to pay most attention to that aspect of a given situation. If you ask him who has incurred the most psychological damage on the United States, he will, without hesitation, say Richard Nixon. Here's his statement:

"If I make it to heaven, and Richard Nixon is there, I'm sure we would both say 'God is Good' and smile. We all play our roles. However, my role on this Earth is to fight against what Nixon has done to my country. He fostered the bigotry and boastful ignorance of today's Republican AND Democrat Parties. It's ironic that the only President to resign from office is the one controlling us from the grave."

Those are some strong statements! What made Richard Nixon so bad? Today, I'll tell you, and tomorrow, I'll elaborate. He hated Jews and minorities. He spied on a bunch of political enemies and was forced to resign. He started the failed modern-day War on Drugs, and emphasized the War on Weed most of all. All this sounds pretty bad! What's even worse? His version of the "Silent Majority". He created mass political ignorance. He created people that were proud and arrogant about their political ignorance. As you will see, his speech about the "Silent Majority" wasn't just about garnering support for the Vietnam War.

Me-owch! He sounds like the anti-Rocky! I am not going to make my human work too hard today. It's Sunday, after all! I could really use some new catnip. My little sister Cammie kept licking my catnip toy, and now it's gross! Anyways, more on Nixon tomorrow!

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