Rocky's Reactions 8/9/14

Good afternoon, humans! Today, I'll be reacting to three more stories I've found on the 'net! There is always news out there that baffles the mind. I just don't understand you humans sometimes!

First, let's start off with the Elephant Ted Cruz's comments on a Donkey-led bill to overturn "Citizens United" and eliminate huge donations to political campaigns. Look, Ted. You and I might agree that Donkeys have their own agenda for this bill -- but you are not understanding why humans are so rightfully upset at what the Supreme Court Jesters have done. Instead, you are just attempting to blur the humans' anger. You'd rather have humans angry at Donkeys and forget how terrible that "Citizens United" decision was. Why do you not directly oppose donating large sums of money to individual politicians? Hmm, because they are making you filthy rich? Big money in politics enables politicians to be rewarded for decisions that hurt the masses. I am disgusted that this is going to be yet another "left" vs. "right" issue instead of an American issue. To be fair, Donkeys are slaves to big money also. I'm sure their politicians have no problem with Bill Gates trying to take over our education system!

Moving on, now I'll have to comment on an article that's been surfacing the 'net recently. It seems that this all happened a couple years ago: An Oregon man was snetenced to 30 days in jail for collecting large amounts of rainwater with dams and reservoirs. He was also fined $1,500. There are varying opinions on this. He claims he had the permits at one point but they were taken away. He also says that he is only using the water for personal consumption. Some of his critics will point to his refusal to comply with the "government", and go on about the lack of permite. I could care less about anyone's "side" on whether he broke the law. The bottom line is, why are taxpayers now forced to pay for a month stay in jail for a non-violent rainwater collector? Why can't they just fine the guy? Why does an NFL star only get 24 days in jail for running someone over in a car while drunk! We really need some consistency and accountability in our criminal justice system.

We'll end "Rocky's Reactions" today on the NFL theme. As many of you know, NFL player Ray Rice was suspended for a measly 2 games for knocking his girlfriend unconscious at a hotel. Infamous NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is defending the small suspension. Meanwhile, there are many banned substances which will trigger a four-game suspension for the first offense. For example, talented defensive end Robert Mathis got four games for his violation. Yes, performance-enhancing substances are bad for athletes and the NFL But, I can't imagine being so forgiving of wife-beating is going to be a popular move for the NFL Ray Rice should get half a season suspension, minimum. I know he's sorry for what he did, but there's a lot of people in jail who are sorry, too. If an average Joe knocked their wife out in public, do you think he'd get the same "just a slap-on-the-paw" treatment?

Well, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Caturday! Oh what am I saying.. every day is Caturday! Rawr!

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