Rocky's Reactions 8/7/14

Mrrrow! How is everyone today? I'm ok, but I am getting really sick of Fancy Feast turkey. Where's all the other flavors we like? Plus, that tuna he gave us smelled really bad! It was so bad he threw it out! What kind of food store is he going to?

Anyways, allow me to introduce something new to you today! It's a concept I call "Rocky's Reactions". I will link a recent news story that makes my fur stand on end, then I will give you my opinion! Here we go!

Recently, I came across a story about a Starbucks employee in trouble over a small, heart-shaped tattoo on her hand. She faces termination if she doesn't start going through the painful process of tattoo removal. Another very important fact that needs to be known is that she was hired with said tattoo, regardless of what their policy says.

This is the same Starbucks that originated in hip, progressive Seattle, right? This is the same Starbucks who had the edgy trademark when they first started? My, how success has changed them! Now this poor 27-year-old woman has to pay for the apparent "mistake" Starbucks made in hiring her by either undergoing unnecessary torture or get fired. People have a tough enough time in this economy without fashion police in the workplace. You know, this "professionalism" stuff is way too extreme when it comes to controlling how people look and what people say. As I've said before, the term "professionalism" has been hijacked.

Speaking of professionalism, many seem to be critical of the Elephant Justin Amash's comments following his defeat of fellow Elephant Brian Ellis. He calls Ellis' big donor a "disgrace", and also said that he ran to stop people like Ellis. The "Establishment Republican" had run a rather nasty campaign, including a reference to the Arab-American Amash as "Al Qaeda's best friend in Congress."

You know what? We need more nastiness in politics. "Taking the high road" is the rallying cry for political correctness. "PC" is killing our country! If something is a kitty cookie, call it a kitty cookie! No matter how you try and gloss it over with empty, kind words, it's still a kitty cookie. Establishment Elephants are... you guessed it... crap. Oh, did I just say that?

The last article for today is also crappy! Last month, more than 24 students were suspended from Cowan Road Middle School in Georgia. The students posted on Facebook about violating the dress code. As the week went by, the posts went from a request to wear red (apparently, the school doesn't allow the color red?) and kids started posting more ideas throughout the week. Eventually, posts like "we need the halls packed and out of control" were found on Facebook.

So indeed, this got out of control and discipline was needed.

The problem was the ridiculous overreaction from the principal of the school. He referred to it as a "terroristic" threat! Seriously?! These are 13-year-old kids doing something they shouldn't have and writing stuff on Facebook about it. It's a friggin' dress code, people! Nobody got hurt or killed. The principal compared this to a bomb threat and forced these kids to write essays on why civil disobedience is a crime! You know what?! If it weren't for civil disobedience, there would be certain people in Georgia still sitting at the back of the bus! How dare this jerk principal get on such a power trip! Referring to this as "terrorism" is an insult to EVERYONE who has been victimized by a terrorist attack! The only thing that was hurt by all this was this principal's inflated ego.

Hope you enjoyed this first installment of "Rocky's Reactions!" Now it's time to send the human to the store to get me some decent food.

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