De-Clawing Cats Is Torture

Prr? Hello there, humans! Before I begin, here: gaze at my fuzzy greatness!

2014-07-10 16-01-10.990.jpg

Ok, today's blog is indeed political, but it's a break from my usual "vote of no confidence" approach to Elephants and Donkeys. Today, I'm going to talk about cats! As President, I would make the practice of de-clawing cats illegal.

As a cat, I'm obviously disturbed by the thought of losing my claws. I love my claws! Would you humans like to lose the top part of your fingers to the first knuckle? I don't think so! That's like ten amputations at once! It can lead to all sorts of problems for us cats, such as painful bone spurs, lameness, arthritis, biting, uncontrolled rage, and litter box avoidance. Those de-clawed cats often live a life filled with unnecessary physical and mental pain.

De-clawing is illegal in quite a few countries around the world, including Japan, Australia, Brazil, and most members of the European Union. Great Britain goes further, saying it is "unnecessary mutilation". Why isn't it illegal in America? Want an honest answer? Awareness and empathy are lacking on the subject here in the states.

California is the leader of the American pack against de-clawing, where certain cities such as West Hollywood have banned it. Even so, a 2011 poll out of Los Angeles reports that almost 60% of those surveyed, including a disturbing 55% of cat owners, didn't see a problem with de-clawing a cat. Only 8 percent of those surveyed approved of de-barking a dog. I disapprove of both practices, of course, but why the cat hate? Some humans just don't understand what it does to us! We're so misunderstood by so many. We're not house accessories; we're living, feeling creatures capable of love.

I want to end this today by taking some time to offer a heartfelt thank you to the humans who have so tirelessly worked to make the human-cat relationship more beneficial to us all. One of the most awesome humans in the galaxy is Jackson Galaxy. You should check him out! I'd also like to thank the Paw Project for being a pioneer in raising awareness, and also for changing some laws at the local level. Us cats can forgive you for not understanding. Now that you do, though, please...please, don't de-claw another cat.

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