Elizabeth Warren is Obama 2008, So Don't Be Fooled Again

Good afternoon, humans! Today has been a hot, lazy day so far. I have so much fur! At least the human has air conditioning. I lay on the vents a lot. Before I discuss today's topic, I want to have a quick cat-to-heart talk with Donkeys, a.k.a. Democrats.

I know I have picked on Donkeys quite a bit lately. And yes, I will do it again today, but please remember I don't like the Elephants either. It would be great if one of those two political parties would get their act together. Just because the elephants stink doesn't give you an excuse to "strive to stink just a little less." That being said, I care about you! I don't want someone like Obama to fool you or this country again! Like you humans say, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Right now, I don't see a trustworthy Elephant or Donkey politician out of the whole bunch. That includes the Donkeys' latest "darling" Elizabeth Warren. She is further proof to me that the word "progressive" has been hijacked by the politicians.

Why would I be so against her? She certainly says some good things. She says the wages are not fair, wants to help students with their loan debts, and she doesn't believe corporations are people. As a Senator, she's supposedly battled for the common human. Is she really as wonderful as the Donkeys on the "far left" are saying?

Now, back to reality, for Elizabeth Warren is Obama 2008. Obama promised us "change we can believe in", but he has largely failed to deliver on that promise.

Elizabeth Warren, like Obama was, is proclaimed as a savior by a lot of Donkeys. However, all one must do is look a little deeper into what she stands for. Would she really make things better? Here's why I say: MROOOWWWRRRRRRRRRR! Er... I mean.. NO.

Warren claims she fights against the banksters, yet she backs the Export-Import Bank. Sure, she will use her speaking abilities to fight for certain cases to make herself look good! She sees the Ex=Im bank as an opportunity to create jobs, according to that Townhall.com article.

Warren provided loans to family members to flip foreclosed houses. That sounds a bit hypocritical to me, since this action comes from someone who claims to be an opponent of those who profit off the misery of others! Seems like Ms. Warren will overlook certain things if you're on her A-list!

Hmm, what other dirt can I dig up? Oh yeah, why are people calling her "Fauxcahontas"? It's because she uses her alleged Native American heritage to get considered as a "minority" for jobs! She did not even offer proof during the hiring process! Now, that really makes me ears lay back. My human can trace his ancestry better than Warren apparently can, and it turns out that a small percentage of him is Native American. Where's his "special considerations"? And, he's disabled on top of that! Why aren't people busting down his door to give him a job without proof? Oh that's right, it's because of people like Elizabeth Warren!

Of course you all know by now that my human Dad uses medical catnip to alleviate the symptoms of his glaucoma and other illnesses, and Elizabeth Warren is simply ignorant on the subject of catnip in general. While she does apparently support its use for cancer, I don't trust her to be truly enlightened on all the conditions medical catnip can help. When asked if she thought human catnip should be legalized, taxed, and regulated, she couldn't say anything to back up her emotionless "no" answer! No advocate of cannabis should trust her on anything! There is nothing more unsavory than an anti-catnip "progressive"! Maybe she's just waiting for her buddies from Monsanto to get on board.

She voted no on Bernie Sanders' Amendment to the Farm Bill which would have allowed states to come up with their own rules for the labeling of GMO's (genetically modified organisms) in food. Her response as to why she voted against it was so weak! She thinks in some hypothetical future that the FDA will adopt GMO-labeling regulations despite being in bed with the food giant Monsanto! She claims she's for state's rights? Certainly not here! She thinks that regulations should start at the national level. Typical.

When Elizabeth Warren's populist soundbytes are taken away, she becomes exactly like Obama -- A Lying Corporate Donkey!

Have a good night! Purrr...yawn...zzz...zzz...

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