Has Bill Gates Gone Cat-S*** Crazy over Education?

Happy Sunday, humans! I am your host, the cat with the most, the one and only Rocky Coast! Like all cats do, I have what is known as megalomania. Merriam-Webster defines it as "a condition or mental illness that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance". We cats are often rewarded for just sitting there and looking important! For little to no effort, I can get extra treats, tuna, pets, brushings, table scraps, and plastic bags to lick! Mmmm, plastic! I can even plant myself somewhere and force the human to move!

While megalomania works out great for us cats, it's bad news for humans. You know, here I was, thinking that Bill Gates was a mega-rich, mostly harmless philanthropist. Yeah, Microsoft Corp. gave over $800,000 to the 2012 Obama campaign, but that's nothing compared to the $150+ million that casino tycoon Sheldon Alelson spent on the losing Elephants. But then, I realized where Bill Gates was investing some of his money.

Gates has spent over $230 million on implementing the Common Core Education curriculum so far, and his dreams for the future are certainly not the dreams of our nation's parents. There's a lot of parents out there, Bill Gates, so you better watch it!

What's Common Core? It's an attempt at institutionalizing education standards at the national level. I sat there and watched this entire video that basically explained what was going on. It's over an hour long! But it was worth it. Common Core raises a lot of red flags, such as untested standards, profiteering, data collection on students, lack of input allowed from teachers, evaluating teachers based on test scores, literally re-writing the history books, and turning simple math into complex gibberish. Yes, I have chimed in on the math already in my Platform.The Anti-Common Core movement is gaining steam! Hooray! Parents unite! Educate yourselves! Do you think Bill Gates wants his children in "Commoner Core" schools? Heck no, they'll go to schools that provide challenging, interesting, and individualized education programs!

Finland is #1 in the world in science education right now, and they are the envy of many countries. People went there from the U.S. to find out why it was so successful. Apparently, we decided that doing the opposite of Finland is best! What?! How dumb can we be?!

Let me explain. Finland wanted to improve their education system and it worked. They gave teachers more control. We want to improve ours. We are taking control away from teachers and giving it to Bill Gates, the antagonistic Arne Duncan, the British testing company Pearson, and other companies associated with standardized testing. Finland has extremely rigid educational requirements for teachers. We are now sending people to a 5-week program to teach at charter schools, according to that video I watched! Finland does not care for standardized tests or excessive homework. What do we do in the U.S.A.? Hand out several of these extensive standardized tests per year and pile on the homework! We are putting our children and their parents through so much stress just for the sake of a rich billionaire's experiment? These aren't standards; they are a corporate takeover of education! And don't forget, Bill Gates has no problem with your child's personal information, behaviors, and test scores being available to third parties!

I refer to Common Core as Bill Gates' "Speculation Education"! More and more, people are realizing that Common Core is not the solution! Bill Gates needs to lay off the power trip, and I hope he loses big on this investment. He's crazy, man!

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