We Are Better Than This! Part 2/2 - Donkeys

Good afternoon, humans! I just wanted to say Prrow! Prrt? Rrrowwr... Oops, sorry about that. Well, I was about one-quarter through today's blog when the computer crashed! Apparently, with all the shedding I do, I clogged up the computer fan! Ok, so where was I... Donkeys! Yes, Donkeys. You call them Democrats. Today's blog will focus on them.

Just like yesterday, let's start on where donkeys and I agree. Donkeys generally don't believe corporations are people. They are absolutely right! The "Citizens United" decision by our Supreme Court Jesters infuriated many of us, including my human servant. He went to many protests! Only individuals should be allowed to donate to political campaigns, and the dollar amount needs to be capped. A country controlled exclusively by corporate interest is not a free country. Donkeys are also considerably more sensitive to women's rights than elephants. That is also good. I do not support gender inequality in any form. That really bugs me. Donkeys appear to be more socially tolerant than elephants, but I'm not going to give them even one gold star for that.

Why? Because Donkeys won't do enough to stand up for our rights. I am a Constitutional cat, and it makes my fuzzy tail puff out in anger when President Donkey wouldn't do enough to rein in the NSA. I'm not happy with George Bush's ninth cousin John Kerry, who calls Edward Snowden a traitor. The NSA is the traitor and the security threat. How could they be so arrogant to think they could get away with bulk data collection on innocent civilians without there being whistleblowers? With its current level of power, the NSA does not "insure domestic tranquility".

There are other social issues that donkeys neglect, often due to their elite donkey politicians. We'll start at the top, with President Donkey and his knack for deferring important issues to Congress or other agencies when he's too chicken to do anything about it. Take the case of Net Neutrality and the FCC's idea to make a data "fast lane" for those commercial companies who could afford it. Our President's appointees to the FCC were the ones who approved it! He then goes on to say, "blah blah FCC is an idependent agency and we will review blah blah teleprompter blah blah . For someone who supposedly was passionately in favor of Net Neutrality, he sure isn't sticking his chicken-donkey-neck out there! Moving on, he does the same type of behavior in regards to the subject of medical catnip. Blah blah must defer to Congress blah blah, he says. Miraculously, the House passed a bill to block the DEA from interfering in state-level medical catnip laws. That's a small step, but the battle is far from over. The overwhelming majority of Donkeys favor medical catnip, but their position is far from a consensus. Too many upper-echelon donkeys, like the civil-liberties hater Dianne Feinstein and Donkey National Committee (DNC) chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, are not on board.

There is more to donkey failure, hypocrisy, and cowardice than just social issues! Remember how mad Donkey supporters were when Bush bailed out the banks? Their hero Obama did it too! People are so disillusioned with Obama that a majority of people incorrectly think that he started the whole thing! Donkeys got addicted to corporate money just as badly as the Elephants did. Here's a great article from a former Bill Clinton aide describing how the Donkeys lost their way. They are just as corrupt as Elephants. After reading it, I realized that donkeys should be blaming themselves for losing the 2000 election, not Ralph Nader. And you know what else is terrible about the Donkeys? Their media!

Elephant media is just as bad, but Donkey media is apparently taking lessons from them. They use fear-mongering just like the elephants to scare humans. They pull on your heartstrings so that you stop thinking about the bad side effects of too much government intrusion.

Take the gun situation, for example. Can we please focus on fighting street gangs with guns instead of trying to make it too difficult for good people to obtain guns? Gang violence is killing people. The stress of everyday life is making more humans snap than ever. Guns are just one of many instruments that are used to kill people. More people are murdered with hammers and other blunt objects than with rifles and shotguns. Yes, I get that there should be basic laws in place for gun purchases, but you donkeys need to take a time out! I've seen too many posts crying out to repeal the Second Amendment! Getting rid of guns does not solve the inherent problem! I'm a friggin' cat and even I know that! De-clawed cats are actually MORE prone to violent acts!

Also, the Donkey media is feverishly pulling on human heartstrings in order to foster their agendas. It's common knowledge that there is increasing media demand for widespread amnesty to be given to non-citizens. Donkey supporters are getting so whipped up into a frenzy that some are calling for open borders and instant citizenship for 10+ million people! For crying out loud, Donkeys, why doesn't your mainstream media get this rabid for our own children's safety? Your media is only compassionate when it has an agenda! You ignored civil rights issues, especially medical catnip, for decades just because it wasn't the "flavor of the month" of your choice! You only care now about the War on Drugs because you can spin it as a racist issue! It has ALWAYS been a human rights issue! Your media is no better than FOX "News"! I hiss at thee!

My human servant was fooled once by each party. He voted for Bush in 2000, and Obama in 2008. These two were both liars and tyrants. As long as I'm around, he'll never make those mistakes again.

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