Rocky's Interview 5/17/14

Q: Hi there Rocky! A: Prrow? Where's my treats? Q: Rocky, are you ready for your interview? A: Yes. I still want more treats. And grrr stop buying Fancy Feast. I'm bored of it. Q: You bury everything else under grocery bags. I promise I'll buy a couple cans of something different. A: Not that expensive stuff again. There wasn't enough bags in the house to cover up that stench. Ok, Mr. Dad, ask your questions. Q: So, how's the campaign going so far? A: Well, it has gone as expected. Slowly but surely I'm learning how to use social media to get my name out there. I've been building my platform during these times where people don't really care about politics. I have my own T-shirt and plan to create a line of Rocky merchandise. Recently I've realized how important it is to mobilize and motivate the Independent voting base, so I've created a Mission Statement. I am a big cat with big plans. At some point I'll definitely need more underlings. Q: Speaking of Independents, A recent poll reported by IVN (Independent Voter Network) showed that only 25% of people have given much thought about the midterm elections. Care to comment? A: Yes, I'll comment. This is an example of why elephants and donkeys get away with so much. If people don't care, they won't vote. If people don't learn, they vote for elephants and donkeys out of fear. Later in the summer, I plan to evaluate some of November's midterm elections to help the humans discover how truly wrong elephants and donkeys are for this great country. Q: I see that Obama has once again lied, this time about his stance on Net Neutrality -- acting with indifference towards an Internet bill designed to give large businesses yet another advantage. How disturbing is this recent FCC vote? A: Well, I'm not surprised with the FCC's vote because they could care less about fair competition and freedom. They voted 3-2 to allow Internet companies to pay a premium rate so that their sites run faster. What this will do is give large, politically active corporations yet another tool to monopolize their advantages over small companies who cannot afford to pay the premium rate. And what of the people who are trying to make a name for themselves and have their voices heard? Now they have to pay a premium rate too? This is not Net Neutrality. This is more like "pay to play". What's even more disgusting is Obama backing off his campaign promise of preserving our Internet the way it should be. The FCC is NOT some "independent agency" like the "President" thinks it is. It's the same thing every time with this guy. Whenever it's obvious he needs to wield his Presidential power and influence, he defers to rogue agencies, Congress, and large corporations. Elephants are just as guilty, but there might be hope. The elephant Ted Cruz is at least standing up for Net Neutrality, but I wonder when his big money donors will give him the gag order. Ted Cruz, many of your fellow elephants are fine with this. Repeat after me: "Elephants are hurting this country too." Q: So, both Republicans and Democrats value large corporate interest over humanity? Both parties cater to large corporations who do NOT need to lobby for policies that will give them any more excessive profits. They seem to be doing just fine with the excessive profits they are making right now. Why do they continue to lobby for more advantages over the competition? They have so much profit they simply create more and more lobbyists. They're doing great after all the bailouts. I'd like to see a corporation run exclusively by one person. It won't happen. They need everyone from lowly office drones to middle management to sales reps to drivers. Over the years, greed has taken over and they've lost sight of the fact that they'd be nothing without the help of their own country's workers. Workers built America. We made the mean humans money and they don't even care about our health. When workplace conditions were as bad as a thousand litter boxes back in the early 20th Century, the workers eventually found a way to fight back. We're in a new century with new challenges. We must fight back again. Q: Do you believe in a minimum wage increase? A: That is a difficult question. There are arguments for and against this. I believe in a small increase right now. Mostly, I am horrified by the continuing wealth redistribution brought on by this supposed "trickle down economics". I don't care if people are rich. Most worked hard for it. They can live in huge homes, have ten fancy cars, I don't care... Jealousy isn't the problem here like some want you to believe.

It's the fact that certain businesspeople and politicians, like the elephant Mitt Romney for example, want excessive influence on America's culture and its future. They use whatever loopholes they can to pay less taxes. They'll put money overseas. They outsource jobs. Rich humans that are mean have very thin skin. They believe that the rich should be idolized and never questioned. Rich humans that are mean want everyone to live by a moral standard that they can't follow. Please understand that I can tell the difference between a nice and a mean person regardless of income. Rich people aren't the problem. Greed is. Q: Very true, Mr. Rocky. Let's shift to a lighter subject. So I hear you have a Twitter account? A: Yes! I am Rocky4President on Twitter. I admit, tweeting is weird. I'm still getting used to it. When something goes "tweet" that means it is food. I'm not a bird, I'm a cat, and you're a human. I don't know if tweeting like birds will get us anywhere. Humans need to yell stuff like "Freedom!" instead of "Tweet!" Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add today? A: Yes. I just want to say I love you all. Now get me some decent cat food!

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