Rocky's Politics 101: Lesson #4: When Donkeys and Elephants win, America loses.

Good morning, humans! Did you have a nice weekend? I sure did. Today's lesson is a very important one. We will be talking about the two controlling political parties of the United States. As always, they will be referred to by their animal name. I am a cat, don't forget!

An elephant is a Republican politician or lobbyist, and a donkey is a Democrat politician or lobbyist. These two "sides" appear quite different on the surface. They'll use these "differences" as distractions to keep their hypnotized masses focused on hating the other side. With the help of their media sharks, they have slowly divided our country's people and reduced them to scared little mousies and angry parrots. They might give different speeches about guns, morality, and budget spending, but in order to break their monopoly we must focus on their similarities.

Both parties value corporate interest over the Constitution. The Supreme Court is filled with the cronies of both political parties, and their decisions lately have been absolutely maddening. For example, the "Citizens United" decision gave corporations the ability to donate unlimited funds to political campaigns. The limit used to be $5,000.

It was reported that Sheldon Adelson gave $45 million total to the elephant Mitt Romney's failed attempt at the Presidency. Hey, I hear all the time that elephants are morally superior, and here they are taking millions from a casino tycoon? Of course, Obama was not to be outdone, raising even more money than Romney -- including over $800,000 from Microsoft.

Both parties want and expect your political donations and volunteerism, yet both parties are already bought and sold by super-rich lobbyists. Clearly, they don't need your money or your time.

Ok, moving on -- both elephants and donkeys have no issue with warrantless spying, provided it is done to you and not them. Dianne Feinstein has always supported the excessive spying on us citizens by the NSA. She has always supported the drone strikes. However, she went nuts when she allegedly spotted a "drone" just a few inches away from her home. She claims she's now concerned with civilian privacy? What a laugh. This is the same person who feels free speech is a special privilege that only applies to what SHE considers a "journalist".

Anyways, not be outdone, Republican House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers stood alongside Feinstein, praising Obama for "standing up for a program that was shown to have no abuses". Now, the Republican National Committee is denouncing the NSA spy program, in yet another act of double speak. Where was this opposition during the Bush years?

Both parties support the War on Drugs in its current form, since both parties receive big campaign donations from the prison industry. While donkeys appear on the surface to be friends of criminal justice reform, their elite politicians always remain firmly against reform. Joe Biden and Dianne Feinstein are both staunch prohibitionists. Obama's support of medical cannabis during his 2008 campaign was a giant lie. Not to be outdone, elephants like to spread fear by labelling people as "liberals" or "terrorists" if they believe that cannabis should be legalized. They do their best to hide the fact that cannabis law reform is an American necessity. I have already discussed my views on Drug Policy extensively in my Political Platform and in my Blog.

Elephants and Donkeys are two sides of the same corrupted coin. Voting out incumbents is not good enough, for there are ten elephants and donkeys ready to take their place. Both parties must be held accountable for their Un-Constitutional ideologies and their disastrous failures. The responsibility of saving our country rests on our shoulders. Stand and be heard!


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