Rocky's Politics 101: Lesson #1: The Three Blind Mousies

Before we begin, I just want to say Meow!! Prr? There, Sorry about that. I just wanted to say that I know politics is not an easy subject. I am not here to offend. I'm here to make people laugh and think. Like many others, I simply cannot sit idly by and watch my country's crappy politicians ruin what I love. By the way, don't forget -- I'm a cat -- so my drawing skills aren't good. With all that being said, welcome to Rocky's Politics 101 class.

Purr?? Hi there, good humans! This is Rocky in the fur. As any cat person knows, it is us cats who train you humans -- lovingly, of course. So, in the spirit of the cat-human relationship (as well as the cat-mouse relationship), I shall train you in the ways of politics. You might enter these halls a mousie, but with my help you will leave a smarter, more empowered human!

Many American humans already know this, but we have been trained to behave like a mouse when it comes to politics. We are docile. We are afraid. We are scattered. We are disorganized. We are distracted. We forget quickly. We have been trained to believe that average Americans have no business attempting to affect the political climate around them.

The three types of mousies have been trained to be critical of one party or the other, or critical of neither. This is not behavior fit for a free country. Humans must be re-trained to be critical of both major political parties.

Elephants and donkeys train their respective mousies to hate each other, ensuring they will vote out of fear along party lines -- instead of voting with conviction. Nothing was more evident of this fact than the Presidential election of 2012. Over 100 million frightened little mousies voted for Obama or Romney. Why are we satisfied with the lesser of two evils?

Of no help to this situation is our third type of mousie. This type doesn't care much or at all about politics, but is still easily influenced by mainstream media. They are prone to become irritable and sanctimonious if politics is discussed. They'll attack with the statement, 'You shouldn't talk about religion or politics'. If forced to join the discussion, some claim they are powerless to stop anything. Some pretend there is nothing wrong at all.

The modern American mousie was created with the help of a concept called "The Silent Majority". The resigned ex-President Richard Nixon made this phrase famous. He used it to pacify those who just wanted to support their family and not think of politics. That type of minimalist thinking sounds great, but it only works in utopian, corruption-free societies. Lest we forget, Nixon was a known racist and anti-Semite. Of course someone like him needs a "Silent Majority" in order to thrive.

Ok humans, that was Lesson #1. Don't worry if you resemble one of those mousies that I drew. My goal is to help you become a freedom-loving, tail-kicking American again.

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