"What do you want, kitty?!", said the exasperated male human. "I've played with you for two hours. Don't you ever sleep?". "Mroooww!", retorted Rocky, unyielding in his quest to pester his dad--and manservant. That human spent too much time at his computer; his fingers clicking away at the keyboard. Rocky knew if he complained loud enough, and looked sad enough, he would get attention.


      Poor Rocky was often bored due to an overall lack of life forms in the home. The male human was at least entertaining--and an easy target to bother. The man could never truly be angry at his cat, because he understood how much Rocky missed Pandora. Occasionally, other humans would come to visit, and all of them were enthralled by our hero's stately appearance and demeanor. Separately, both man and cat wondered how many people's hearts Mr. Rocky Coast could possibly captivate.


      Rocky had faith he'd make an awesome Christmas card cat, and anxiously awaited the results of his photo shoot. Soon, I'll show everyone how great I am!, dreamed the kitty.

      'Twas the week before Christmas, with frost on the house,  the cat he was whirring, on keyboard and mouse, The picture was finished, he checked his email, his smile diminished... and yelled "Epic Fail!" "What kind of unrefined, dithering nut Would draw hearts and star farts that shoot from my butt?!" Our hero dejected, he sat in a heap, his talents neglected, the sorrow was deep.

      The rest of the night, Rocky curled up in his Dad's lap, whimpering and purring himself to sleep. He tried hard not to let a botched Christmas card--or his stale cat treat payment for his modeling talents--keep him down. Still sad and lonely, he tried to shift his thoughts to a more positive level. Rocky knew he was still special. He also knew Christmas was just a few days away, and that meant gifts! Little did he know, dad was about to introduce Rocky to someone new.


      Ooo, a box! What's in the box! Of course, Rocky loves boxes. His fascination with them goes back to when he was a wee little puffball stuck in a cage--anyways, Rocky headed over to the laundry room to check things out. He approached it with caution, as he began to pick up some very odd and unsavory scents. Before Rocky was able to poke his head inside this odiferous container, a tiny kitten with lynx-like features popped up to greet him! "Hey, you don't belong here. You stink!", Rocky said with a huff. Undeterred, his new little sister jumped out of the box, trotted around him, and proceeded to eat out of his food dish! "Mine!" was the word of the day. Rocky spent most of that day avoiding her.


      By the next morning, Rocky began to remember what life was like when he first arrived at his adopted family's home. He still missed Pandora terribly, but she sure didn't treat him well at first. He thought back to that first night, when he was so scared and sad. Realizing this feathery little kitten appeared to be making herself right at home, he decided to quickly accept her. You see, Rocky is a sweet and considerate cat. That afternoon, Rocky showed the first major sign of inter-cat acceptance--grooming the other. At least she was starting to smell better! It didn't take long for Rocky and little Cammie to become friends. Things were looking up for our hero, as he redoubled his efforts to discover his true destiny.