Mission Statement:

Today's political landscape can be best described as a litter box that hasn't been cleaned out for a month! Truth is hidden beneath layers upon layers of....

Anyways, my goal is to make my handsome cat Rocky become the most famous four-legged politician in American history!

For Rocky's 2020 Presidential Campaign, I will be creating a political party platform that is well-rounded, unique, and hopefully thought-provoking.

My hypothetical political party, Citizens Against Tyranny, or CAT, will outline a plan to lessen government intrusions while maximizing individual liberty and prosperity. I also realize that it's not just the policies; paradigm shifts need to be made in our culture as well. The two major political parties benefit from our divided, misinformed, irresponsible, and unhealthy country.

It's up to us to fix this. Politicians have forgotten that they serve us.