Maaow?! Oh, I don't want to talk about the vet! But healthcare is a major concern, so here we go.

Let's start with some honesty. My human servant is disabled and has government health insurance. I cannot ethically oppose single-payer health insurance, but implementing it will not be a simple task as some humans suggest. What I seek is the best possible healthcare system, and I will let experts on all sides of the debate devise a plan moving forward. We cannot continue to let medical debt be so crippling to the American family.

Philosophically, I believe that if forces out there insist that humans be their labor source for a clearly rigged economy and monopolized future, then those forces should be insuring the domestic tranquility of its laborers and their families. Healthcare is at the core of this domestic tranquility.

The first order of business is to identify the laws that have allowed large insurance companies to rake in so much profit from the suffering of others. The entire privatization model of healthcare begins to break down from the actions of bad players. Ideally, our healthcare system would be financially rewarding for medical professionals and not so much for insurance companies.