Meow! Welcome to my Civil Rights Platform page. Elephants and Donkeys (what you humans call Republicans and Democrats) have used identity politics to divide the people of this nation. I call for an end to the culture wars! We are created equal. Let's be excellent together. Also, the post-modern world has presented new civil rights challenges that have not been addressed.

Team Rocky is painfully aware of our media's absurd left- or right-wing bias, its never-ending distraction stories, its penchant for endless war, and the corporate monopolies that control it. It's a shame that the person who brought mistrust of the media to the level of mainstream consciousness is full of used cat litter himself. Freedom of the press is important. We, The People, need to become the press again.

We will move to eliminate electronic ballots from the voting process. In a world where one cyber attack can compromise the private information of hundreds of millions of humans, it is foolish to trust our democratic voting process with electronic machines.

It is encouraging that the subject of police accountability has taken a foothold in today's mainstream discussions. Moving forward, a Rocky Administration will not tolerate certain unscrupulous institutions of policing, such as using violence to enforce capricious laws, using civil asset forfeiture to punish the innocent, and the needless shooting of our pets. Our communities benefit from a smart and tough police force that doesn't consider so many of us a threat or a cash cow.

Our Administration will be tasked with eliminating the needless collection of data from human citizens. The idea of a government monitoring humans from cradle to grave is anti-American to say the least. What's known as "Big Data" is known to us as "Big Brother."

Minimizing gun violence is a goal of any Administration. Creating laws that criminalize otherwise law-abiding citizens is not effective gun policy.

We will allow transgender individuals to enlist in the military.

Facial recognition technology is a great example of how civil rights can be ruined if we do not address the possible abuses of modern technological advances. Our Administration will severely curtail its use.